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Simplify your life…Implement appropriate financial plans for life…

Studies have shown that at least 70% of the American population does not have a plan regarding their personal financial strategy for retirement income as well as an estate plan in the event of incapacity or death. Furthermore, unforeseen life altering events such as catastrophic illness, divorce and caring for aging parents can adversely affect the accumulation and distribution of assets resulting in a shortage of funds for savings, retirement planning and college funding.

There are several questions we all ask ourselves from time to time regarding the present state of our financial affairs, and the fact of the matter is that while the clock is ticking most people are procrastinating about the need to focus on the task at hand: how to secure our financial well-being in a financially insecure world. We need to be truthful to ourselves in answering the questions that lie at the very core of a well-based plan:

  1. Are you risking your principal and jeopardizing your financial future with positions in the market that are complicated and out of your control?
  2. Is your IRA an IOU to the IRS?
  3. College funding: are you waiting for your child’s 17th birthday to start planning for tuition expense?
  4. Retirement planning: does your game plan need a second look?
  5. Would you rather be in control of your financial future maintaining the values that are so important to you and your family?

Estate planning is the process of mapping out how you want your personal and financial matters to be handled during periods of incapacity or at your death. An estate plan should be implemented with the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney.

Everyone needs an estate plan as it is not just for the wealthy. In fact, estate planning can be more important for the smaller estate. Estate planning allows you to make sure that loved ones will be provided for and not overly burdened by personal and financial matters.

You’ll spend a lifetime accumulating your wealth and building a legacy that has the potential to grow for the generations to follow. Exercise the due diligence necessary through estate and financial planning to protect the financial well-being of your family against the life- altering events which in one single event could devastate your financial world.

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